Medal of Honor Day

March 25th is National Medal of Honor Day. While the kids are home from school, have them take the time to learn about our Medal of Honor recipients. The following ideas are from the National Medal of Honor Museum website:

  • Make a poster or write a letter about what National Medal of Honor Day means to you. Post it to social media, and be sure to use our hashtags #MedalOfHonor, #MedalOfHonorDay, #MOH325, #MomentOfHonor.
  • Watch our ‘Moment of Honor’ video at and take a moment of quiet reflection upon the actions and bravery of our nation’s Medal of Honor recipients.

Another idea is to participate in the Medal of Honor Mail Call. In the military, when the sergeant yells, “Mail call,” the soldiers know the mail has arrived for the day. In times of war, this is especially meaningful for our troops as it is their way to connect to loved ones at home. For the Medal of Honor Mail Call, your child can research a Medal of Honor recipient, then create a letter, song, poem, or drawing (be creative) to show gratitude for the recipient. The information to have your child partake in the Mail Call can be found at

Finally, in Lesson Plan (PK-6) – National Medal of Honor Day  you will find three days of lesson plans to teach your child about the Medal of Honor. The document also contains the biographies of the 71 living Medal of Honor recipients for your child to read about in order to choose who they will write a letter to for the Mail Call.

Thank you to all who have served our country and protected our freedom!

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