Valorie is a “can do” educator. She sees a need, looks at solutions and then charts a path to success. I’ve been a building principal for over 20 years and was afforded the good fortune to work with Valorie as we collaborated to student progress forward. Valorie spent time getting to know staff, getting to know student needs and getting to know what would create student academic results. Under her leadership she was able to impact the work teachers were doing and that in turn caused my campus meet state and local standards year after year. Valorie was one who participated beside teachers and one who built the necessary relationships to support learning. As I continue my path in helping students meet grade level standards, I will continue to use the skill set that Valorie has – because it produces results.
-K.B., Principal

Training Evaluation Feedback

I have been working with this reading intervention for years, but Valorie was able to teach me more, giving me an even better understanding of it. – R.R., Instructional Coach

I appreciate the detail of the content delivered. Helped me really get a grasp of how some things could be done.  – R.C., Teacher

This training exceeded my expectations. Valorie does an amazing job. – Z.H., Teacher

Great instructor. Great energy. – A.S., Teacher