Classroom Management

One struggle for many teachers, especially ones new to the profession, is classroom management. In college, preservice teachers are taught content and pedagogy, but many teacher preparation programs do not have a solid foundation for instruction in classroom management techniques. A 2008 study by Michele Deats cites “A lack of adequate classroom management preparation and student discipline problems” as one of the top reasons new teachers leave the profession. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to create perfect management in all classrooms.

Though, I recently read an article about one high-poverty school’s approach to making the school environment better for students and would like to share it. Step #3- Measure positivity really struck a chord with me. It talks about a 3:1 ratio of recognizing positive behaviors to behaviors for correction. In my own house, we have added a time of thankfulness to dinner. During this time, each person thanks every member of the family for something positive he/she did for that person. It is great to see the smile on my children’s faces not only when they are uplifted, but also when affirming each other.

Please follow this link to read about Renee Canales and Elizabeth Merwald’s experience to get some ideas to improve the environment of your classroom:

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